Thursday, January 26, 2012

Short Layered Bob Hairstyles 2012

Bob cut has been a favorite hairstyle of many women this year. There are many celebrities who have worn short layered bob hairstyles 2012 on red carpet events. A lot of women keep on following these short bob cuts worn by celebrities. Short layered bob hairstyles 2012 look amazing and you can handle them without hassles. There are many types of bob cut including medium bob, short bob, layered bob, angled bob and inverted bob cut. But short layered bob hairstyles 2012 can suit all face shapes and straight hair textures. These are trendy and look best when one gets straight hair.

Many hair stylists recommend not wearing short layered hairstyles with curly hair because curls add volume to the layers and the hairstyle look puffier. Women and girls who have straight and shiny hair must get this stylish hairstyle with layers. As mentioned earlier that there are different types of bob cut similarly there are different types of layered haircuts. You can get any of the layered cut with short bob cut. You can ask your hair stylist to give you choppy layers, asymmetrical or short layers for the bob cut.

Those who want to add volume to their thin hair are suggested to get the short layered bob hairstyles 2012. In the early times, the bob cut was really very short. But today there are many variations in the length of bob cut. Sometimes short layered
hairstyles 2012 bob look like pixie cut that makes young and teenage girls look cute. They wear this hairstyle on casual basis. Nit only young girls but mature women also tend to short layered bob hairstyles 2012 because they can carry this hairstyle with ease and comfort.

A quick styling option for layered bob cut is that you can blow dry the hair after washing them to get a gorgeous and casual hairstyle that can worn throughout the day. Short layered bob cut can be cut with bangs and fringes. There are many celebrities who have worn bangs with bob cut such as Emma Watson and Rihanna. You can get the similar hairstyle or add modification.

Short bb cut with layers can also suit girls who have flat and round faces. Those having round faces can get layers on the chin level so that face can look slim. Blunt bob cut can also be worn with short layers to get a sharp and well define look for casual and formal occasions. Bob cuts have been evolved in the year 2012 with new cuts and colors. Dark colors will enhance the hairstyle. You can simply style the bob cut by blow drying the hair and brushing them. You can get rimming after 4 weeks to keep the bob cut and layers in shape.

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